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Saturday 8 SEPT 7-10pm
Sunday 9 SEPT 12-6pm

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R o p e d I n
Deptford X
Enclave, September 2018
A duo exhibition

S p a c e * S h i f t

In October Riley exhibits at APT in Deptford, curated by artist Sarah Kogan alongside Wendy Anderson, Neel Bakhle, Jeremy Bubb, Maria Chevska, Adam Gray, Enzo Marra, Jane Millar, Susan Sluglett and Rachel Warriner.

SIX SECOND gallery is C L O S E D until Autumn
SIX SECOND is a not-for-profit experimental art space hosted by Riley in Unit SIX, on the SECOND floor, Ridley Road Studios.

Header image: Galen Riley
Have a Look, 2018
Bunny bags made from vest carriers (plastic bags): an ongoing project since 2001. All recent bags are collected from Ridley Road Market after hours, adjacent to SIX SECOND.

Selected Work