Whips, Cracks, Structures and Flows

Six Second Gallery presents drawings by Gregory Williams

Six Second Gallery is an evolving exhibition programme hosted by sculptor Galen Riley in Unit Six, Second Floor, 51-63 Ridley Road, London E8 2NP.

Upcoming artists and private view dates:

Gregory Williams 17 08 17
Rachel Warriner 08 09 17
James Porter 05 10 17

PVs 6-10pm
Open Fri-Sun noon-5pm and by appointment.


These drawings emit the sense of a scuffle on the surface of the psyche.

They are developed through a strategic and evolving approach. This series uses Edmond Van Dooren’s dynamic grid, (1896–1965, Antwerp, Belgium). Here it is selected as the system ‘allowing most mobility re the passage between spatial dimensions’ and also rejecting the convention of perspective.

Gregory Williams begins with the isometric grid onto which elements emerge and disperse. Blocks form and rotate, tangled lines appear to shear away from the two dimensional plane.

Williams addresses the confinement and predictability of the grid. Chance is engaged through frottage, a conscious nod to Max Ernst. He uses collage and deploys Oscar Dominguez's technique of ‘decalcomania’ to populate the surface. Williams conjures his subconscious through the strategy of doodling. As habitual processes appear they are questioned.

He continually invents procedures through which to continue; rules and counter-rules are introduced as suspicious elements arise.

This approach has a basis in Williams’s continued and in depth education. He studied philosophy under Catherine Malabou (a student of Derrida) and Eric Alliez (a student of Deleuze). He is currently engaged in a practice-based doctorate, A Theory of Practice: The Value of Surrealist Drawing for A Reassessment of Contemporary Drawing, at the University of Manchester under the tutelage of David Lomas. He has completed an MA in Modern European Philosophy at the Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy, Kingston University (2013) and an MA in Psychoanalytic Studies at Goldsmiths College (2009). He previously completed a BA in Drawing at Camberwell in 2005.
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